Day of Scientists of Kazakhstan

On April 16, 2024 was held a meeting of the team of LLP "Central-Asian Regional Glaciological Centre", dedicated to the professional holiday Day of Day of Scientists of Kazakhstan. This is a holiday for those who are ready to walk uncharted paths every day, helping millions of people better understand the world and the Universe around us, expanding research horizons and opening the way to new knowledge. At the meeting, the director of the Central-Asian Regional Glaciological Centre, Professor T.O. Balykbayev spoke about the speech of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Qasym-Jomart Toqayev at the meeting of the National Council for Science and Technology under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 In particular, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted «... A huge contribution to the study of climate change is made by the Regional Glaciological Centre, created in 2020 in Almaty by decision of UNESCO. Our scientists not only study the melting of glaciers, but also look for ways to reduce vulnerability to mudflows and glacial lakes outbursts.

It is necessary to make full use of the potential of the Glaciological Centre. The task of providing the centre with a building is being solved by the Government. Now the issue of extending the agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and UNESCO on the activities of the Glaciological Centre, which ends this year, requires special attention».


The Centre staff greeted the words of our President with great enthusiasm, everyone felt proud of the words about the Glaciological Centre.

  Next, the leading scientists of the Centre were presented with Ministry awards (medals, certificates and letters of gratitude). The award ceremony was an event that employees had been looking forward to for a long time.


Day of Scientists of Kazakhstan

April 26, 2024